What is LED transparent screen? What are the characteristics?

July 4, 2024

Latest company news about What is LED transparent screen? What are the characteristics?

What is LED transparent screen? There are many products in the industry, such as LED glass screens, LED light bar screens, LED grille screens, LED curtain screens, etc., hence the name. Transparency is literally the main characteristic of transparency. However, traditional screens have problems such as opacity, opacity, excessive screen weight, poor heat dissipation, messy structure, high energy consumption, and variable appearance, which have led to the emergence of LED transparent screen.

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From this point, we can also see the biggest features of LED transparent screens: high light transmittance, good technical effect, good heat dissipation effect, light weight, and easy maintenance.


The most popular one on the market now is LED transparent screen, which not only has the above characteristics, but also has excellent light transmission performance. When the light curtain is turned on, it has basically no impact on the design and construction of full light transmission; as well as lighting, the LED screen can display colorful, lively images and 3D effects after being vitrified. The combination of high technology and perfect art makes LED displays very popular.


And without a piece of glass, LED transparent screens can also exist through independent development and be used in indoor styling and other aspects. High transparency and high brightness color management brings people a new visual cultural experience. In the industry, it is a leader in fashion and technology, and the super special-shaped customization of LED transparent screens is based on another way to meet the creative and unique needs of business users.


What are the characteristics of LED transparent screens?

  • High light transmittance, reaching 50-90%, ensuring quality and allowing the glass to play its original role in natural lighting and vision in the curtain wall system.
  • Lightweight and compact. The main panel is only 10 mm thick and the transparent panel weighs only 12 kg/m².
  • It is easy to install, low in cost, does not require reinforced concrete, and can be directly connected to the glass curtain wall.
  • The unique display screen makes the background transparent and achieves the visual effect of hanging on the glass curtain wall.
  • Maintenance and management are simple and fast. Repair indoors is fast and safe.
  • Power saving, no fan or air cooling is required, and energy consumption is saved by more than 40% compared to traditional LED displays.