The present and future of transparent LED screen

April 7, 2024

Latest company news about The present and future of transparent LED screen

With the continuous progress of LED technology, LED display has also appeared in more diversified applications, such as xR virtual shooting, naked eye 3D, all-in-one, cinema screen, rental screen, transparent screen, shaped screen, etc. The rise of these innovative applications has accelerated LED display into public life. For the LED display industry to create a full potential of one segment of the market.


Among them, the transparent LED screen products are especially present in many emerging LED displays, and its high permeability and ultra-thin characteristics extend the application of LED display products to more different scenes, connecting the virtual and real world.


latest company news about The present and future of transparent LED screen  0


What is transparent LED screen


Transparent LED screen, as the name suggests, the biggest feature of the product is its transparent display form, compared to the traditional LED display products, the LED transparent screen common on the market today has a high permeability, ultra-light Bott point, its realization principle is the innovation of the lamp strip screen, through the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, control system targeted improvement, In addition, the hollow structure design reduces the obstruction of the structural components to the line of sight, thus greatly improving the perspective effect of the LED display.


TrendForce Consulting "2024 Global LED Display Market Report" introduced that in terms of specifications, compared with general display, LED transparent display horizontal and vertical spacing is different, according to the classification of use scenarios, LED transparent screen can be divided into brightness in the 4,000-5,000 cd/m2 range. Indoor transparent screen with 75% transparency, and outdoor transparent display with higher brightness. According to the type of LED device, it can be divided into the use of positive light, side light LED transparent screen, of which the positive light LED transparent screen is becoming the mainstream type of the market.


At present, LED transparent display is mainly used in department store retail, stage decoration, media advertising, creative cultural travel and other scenes, the main market is China, followed by Europe and the United States and Asia.


Can get the favor of the above application scenarios, because the LED transparent screen also has the following characteristics, first, compared with the traditional LED display box its structure is more flexible, can be combined with the specific size of the glass customized box size to better fit with the glass curtain wall; Second, the LED transparent screen has high permeability, no noise, low power consumption and other good performance; Third, the maintenance of LED transparent screen is convenient and safe, saving manpower and material resources; Fourth, its display effect is more attractive than traditional products, which has played a positive role in attracting people and information dissemination.


Although the LED transparent screen has rich advantages, the other side of the LED transparent display is the contradiction between screen brightness, clarity and transparency, and the transparent screen performance is difficult to further improve and other defects.


In the face of the problems existing in the LED transparent screen, the industry has developed different solutions to solve, and now the LED transparent screen can also be subdivided into crystal film screen, film screen, photoelectric glass and other categories, compared with the conventional transparent screen, greatly optimize the weight and permeability of the product, and maximize the display clarity.