Huayi Brothers has signed a contract with China Film for 10 CINITY cinema systems

April 11, 2024

Latest company news about Huayi Brothers has signed a contract with China Film for 10 CINITY cinema systems

On March 20, Huayi Brothers Cinema Investment Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Huayi Brothers Cinema Investment Co., LTD.") and China Film CINITY reached cooperation on CINITY cinema system project, and held a signing ceremony in Kunming.


latest company news about Huayi Brothers has signed a contract with China Film for 10 CINITY cinema systems  0


Under the agreement, the two parties will cooperate to build 10 cinemas equipped with CINITY systems across the country. These upcoming CINITY cinemas will contain LED cinema display systems and laser projection systems, and the two parties will customize personalized solutions according to the specific conditions of each cinema and the needs of the audience.


Data show that Huayi Brothers Film Studio was established on May 4, 2008, the legal representative is Wang Zhongjun, mainly engaged in cinema and cinema chain investment and digital film technology development and services, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayi Brothers Media Co., LTD.


CINITY is a high-tech format film system launched in 2019, which is a Chinese brand with independent intellectual property rights. Its LED cinema display system not only realizes the full localization of the LED screen, but also has independent core intellectual property rights in the server and controller. Since the operation of the first CINITY LED cinema in August 2023, 18 exclusive screenings have been successfully completed.


It is reported that CINITY LED, as the world's first LED cinema display system supporting 4K and 120 frame projection, integrates 4K, 3D, high brightness, high frame rate, high dynamic range, wide color gamut, immersive sound and other seven high-tech film technology features, but also has CINITY LED exclusive plate making system.


According to the cooperation agreement, Huayi Brothers Film Studio will build the first CINITY cinema in its Langfang store and use CINITY LED cinema display system, which will be the first CINITY LED cinema in Hebei Province. In addition, the Langfang store's CINITY LED cinema display width will reach 20 meters, becoming the first 20-meter-wide CINITY LED cinema display in North China.


Looking forward to the future, Huayi Brothers Film Studio and China Film CINITY will jointly create more film cultural products and interactive services around CINITY Cinema, providing more diversified and immersive audiovisual experience for moviegoers. CINITY will gradually build and improve the high-tech format film industry chain through continuous innovative technology research and development and brand services, and accelerate the development of strategic layout.